Smoke Detector

Commercial Pull Station

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is one disaster that can wipe out your business in a matter of minutes. From defective wiring to machine malfunctions, the threat of fire exists in every room of your business. Apart from being a life-threatening danger, fire causes irreversible damage to company records, inventory and property. A reliable and sound fire alarm system allows for early detection of smoke and fire, aiding a quick evacuation. Dillard Alarm Company fire alarm systems are affordable, dependable, and comply with today’s strict fire codes.

Commercial Fire

Our complete fire alarm systems range from manual pull stations to automated systems. Horns and strobe lights alert occupants to evacuate the building, while our central monitoring station is signaled to dispatch the nearest fire station. When the building is unoccupied, the system’s smoke and heat detectors, along with sprinkler system sensors, protect the building from fire and water damage. Dillard Alarm Company has a full line of commercial fire alarm systems that will meet your growing business needs.