Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Central Monitoring Station?

To contact Alarm Watch, Inc.
Call: 1-800-356-2222

I can’t remember my password. Can you give it to me over the phone?

Absolutely not. We cannot, under any circumstance, give a customer’s password out over the phone, even if they say they are that customer. All we can do is request that the customer fax over their new request (must be on letterhead with customer’s signature on it) by 4pm, so that we can get the request faxed to Central Station for the change to take effect that evening.

How do I arm / disarm my security system?

In order to perform any function in your security system, you will need your four digit user code. The system is operated by enterting this code followed by a command (issued by pressing another key or keys after the code). To arm the system, enter your four digit user code followed by the 2 key. This will arm your system in away mode, meaning that all devices will be activated. To disarm your system, enter your four digit user code followed by the 1 key. This will disarm your system. If the alarm has been activated, it may be necessary to enter your code and off (the 1 key) twice to reset your system.

I have motion detectors…is it possible to arm my system while I’m in the house?

Yes! As well as arming your system in away mode (all devices active), you can arm your system in stay mode, which will activate all devices except your motion detecters. To arm you system stay, enter your four digit code followed by the 3 key. You may disarm your system any time as you normally would.

How can I add or delete user codes?

Note: Adding and deleting user codes is different depending on your type of security panel. Please reference your user guide. Below is a common example of how to change a user code.

To add or delete user codes, you must know the master code. To change or add a code into the system, enter the master code, followed by the 8 key, immediately followed by the two-digit user number (i.e. 04) you wish to add / change, and the new four digit code for that user number. So, here is an example- if your master code was 1357 and you wanted to add a code (7531) under the 04 user code slot- you would enter: 1357, 8, 04, 7531. The system will confirm the entry has been accepted with a beep. There cannot be more than a 2-second delay in between key presses, or the system will NOT accept the new user code. The master code is 02, and the user codes start at 03. The number of user codes you have available will depend on what model of security panel you have.

My system won’t arm…what can I do?

Your system will not arm if there are any zones faulted (i.e. any contacted doors or windows open, or anyone walking in front of a motion detector). You system will indicated faulted zones by the absence of a green “ready light.” Press the * key to read the faulted zones. If you have verified that all doors and windows are shut, and that no one is walking in front of your motion detectors, you can bypass the faulted zone to arm you system, and call the office at (540) 898-0771 to schedule service and find the problem. Scroll down for instructions on bypassing a zone.

How do I bypass a zone?

To bypass a zone, enter your four digit user code, followed by 6 (the bypass key) and the two-digit number of the zone you want to bypass (i.e. 03). The zone will remain bypassed until you enter your four digit code followed by the 1 key (to disarm the system). So, if you want to bypass zone 03, and your user code is 1357, you would enter: 1357, 6, 03. The system will confirm with a beep and display a small “bypass” in the display. If there is a delay greater than 2 seconds in between key presses, the system will not accept the bypass.

My keypad is showing “Check 94″. What does this mean?

A Check 94 is a phone line issue. If you see this message on your keypad, try these simple suggestions: a) Make sure that everything is plugged in correctly; b) Put your system on test with Central Station, and then send some signals; c) Take a house phone and plug it into the outside phone network to check for dial tone. If none of these suggestions solve the problem, then you may want to call the telephone company.

The letters “FC” are displaying on my keypad. What is this?

“FC” stands for “Fault in Communication.” This means that an alarm signal did not go through. Check for dial tone; make sure that the phone jack is plugged in. If there is no dial tone, you should call the phone company.

My motion detector activated the alarm. I know that there was no one in my house. What other things can cause it to go off?

There are several things that can cause a motion detector to go off: a) Pets that get closer than 6 feet away from the detector; b) Changes in temperature, especially heat; c) Hanging plants, drapes/curtains (if the air from a heat/air conditioning vent blows on them; d) Mylar balloons (especially in businesses); e) Spiders/bugs on lens; f) Cobwbs or dirt on lens.